About Studio Voyager

Hello, I’m Tim Jensen and the owner of Studio Voyager. I started Studio Voyager with a passion to create beautiful, functional design.

I love good design – it solves problems, it communicates ideas, it’s functional, it’s beautiful. I endeavour to create work that is unique, creative and effective.

Tim Jensen - owner of Studio Voyager

I design every pixel and write every line of code. Hand crafted, custom designed work; efficient and well built. I’m an industry veteran (this will be my 15th year), working as a web designer and developer at large ad agencies, small boutique digital firms and start-ups and even a University. I understand the ever-changing environment of digital technology – I’m adaptable and very good at establishing the best solution within the given scope.

I’m a big picture strategic thinker with the unique skillsets of designer and developer – bringing to every project an intricate understanding of what works on the web.