Who is Studio Voyager?

We are a small but passionate team dedicated to helping the world communicate better. Get to know us a bit better


The mastermind behind Studio Voyager, Tim is super passionate about effective communication. His favourite word is 'context'. He loves making complex things simple.

Tim has also been known to do a voice-over or two. He'll even stand in front of the camera. Looking for that laid-back Aussie twang with a touch of nasal? Talk to Tim


He's cool, he's quirky and he lives and breaths creativity, and has been sketching wolves since you were at your mothers teet. If you've got a point to illustrate, Jordy will illustrate that point for you.

In his spare time Jordan is also an accomplished musician. Would you like a jingle with that?


A super talented artist, Michelle can do everything from watercolours, to pencil illustration to bespoke mixed media collage. Unfortunately (fortunately) Michelle is a perfectionist, so she does it right, every time.

In her spare time, she loves re-arranging her furniture, spray painting a range of decor with 'next seasons' colour, and re-upholstering her couch (again).

We'd love to work with you. Hire us today :)