Here is a collection of projects we’ve worked on recently.

Hindsite Industries

View Hindsite Industries website We’ve worked with HINDSITE Industries, a startup business in wearables technology, to develop a brand and promotional website in preparation for the launch of their visual intelligence management platform.


CADAD We’re currently working with CADAD to redesign their entire website platform as a communication and collaboration tool for its members.

How to write a business report

Business Reports. You’ll write a lot of them throughout your career in business so it’s probably worth you knowing what they’re for, who they’re for and how to structure one.

How to read through your textbook readings more effectively

Do you want to learn how to read your textbook more effectively? This short video will give you the tips and approach to make the most of textbook readings so you can enjoy them, learn quicker and be able to participate in tutorials.

Terminology Help

Terminology Help Explore the world of words - I’m developing this learning resource to help student learn complex terminology through an understanding of their root words in contextual sentences.